Injuries To The Spleen Caused By An Automobile Accident

Spleen injuries are a common complication that can arise from being involved in a car collision. This vital organ may be found on the upper left side of the abdominal area. It plays an important role in the body’s defense against infections and in removing old blood cells from the circulatory system. Any kind of damage to the spleen can be problematic, but a ruptured spleen poses a significant risk to one’s life. You must obtain legal advice from a lawyer.

Different types of injuries that can occur to the spleen

There are varying degrees of seriousness associated with injuries to the spleen, which include the following:

  • Bruised spleen
  • Enlarged spleen
  • A spleen that has been torn open

A rupture on the surface of the spleen might cause internal bleeding if it is not treated immediately. The severe force of the impact of the collision, as well as being penetrated by a fractured rib, both have the potential to cause a spleen to burst and bleed internally. In most cases, surgery is necessary in order to staunch internal bleeding, which carries the risk of death, and the attending medical staff may even elect to remove the organ.

Although it is possible to live without a spleen, doing so will make you more susceptible to infections due to the fact that the spleen is an important component of the immune system.

Possible Injuries to the Spleen and Their Symptoms

Awareness of the warning indications of a burst spleen is essential because injury symptoms may not often manifest immediately after the incident. The following are some examples of them:

  • The vision is hazy and unclear.
  • symptoms, including wooziness, disorientation, lightheadedness, and even loss of consciousness
  • Experiencing discomfort in my left shoulder.
  • Feeling sick to one’s stomach and throwing up
  • a tender or painful region located in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen
  • Internal bleeding and the complications that might arise from it, such as blood clots and cysts, are the most common and severe complications that can result from a ruptured spleen.

Contact an Experienced Automobile Accident Lawyer

In a car accident, did you sustain a spleen rupture? Depending on the severity of the injury and treatment, recovery can last up to three months. This may result in costly medical expenses and weeks of lost income. Contacting an experienced attorney will assist you in obtaining the compensation you need to cover your expenses and continue on with your life.

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