Determining Fault In A Syracuse Four-Way Stop Crash

Car accidents at intersections that entertain a four-way stop are prevalent, especially for drivers with less experience behind the wheel. This is because the new drivers who have started driving often disregard or ignore the federal laws encompassing the right of way, making other drivers confused at the intersection, leading to inevitable collisions. While a four-way crash has become a common scenario, pursuing insurance claims against such cases is extremely difficult. This is because deciding the liable party who failed to follow the right of way gets confusing. Therefore if one has been injured in a four-way stop crash, contacting a car accident lawyer in Syracuse as early as possible would be the best idea.

Who Is Liable In A Four-Way Stop Crash?

Before determining who is liable in a four-way stop accident, knowing who possesses the right of way is essential. This is very simple to answer as a rule might sound like a ‘first come, first serve’ where the first driver entering a four-way stop entertains the right of way. Other drivers entering the intersection later follow the actions of the one who entered first. Although being a simple rule, most drivers get confused during specific situations. Therefore the ultimate liability of fault in a four-way stop crash can only be determined with the relevant evidence, some of which are mentioned below:

The Police Report: 

The report by the police contains essential details of the crash, the vehicle damage, and what exactly happened at the accident scene. Additionally, it also includes the personal opinion of the one who investigated the background, which can be beneficial in determining the fault.

Pictures Of The Accident Scene: 

The pictures taken at the accident scene can be valid evidence in determining who was at fault during the accident.

Statement Of The Driver: 

All drivers must provide their personal accounts highlighting the details of the accident scene. Some drivers might need clarification regarding whether to yield in the intersection. This will act as steady evidence to prove the liable person behind the accident.

Witness Statement: 

Detailed statements of what happened at the accident networthexposed scene can also be evidence in determining the fault in a four-way stop crash.

Final Thoughts:

If one has been severely injured in a four-way sdasrinagar stop crash where one had the right of way, but the other driver did not yield, one must contact a personal injury attorney and claim compensation to recover all the loss.

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