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Do you subscribe to any womens lifestyle online magazines? Which ones do you like best? What makes them special? What topics do they cover? What makes them a must-read? Let us know in the comments section below! Here are some of the best ones! Have you ever subscribed to any of these magazines? Is there a particular issue that you look forward to? If so, why? Is it because of its witty writing?

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If you’re interested in fashion, there are many online magazines to choose from. Cosmopolitan is a popular women’s lifestyle magazine with 64 international editions published in 35 countries. The magazine’s content is written to inspire and empower readers. This magazine is the perfect source for inspiration and ideas. Each issue features handpicked picks for every feeling, from love to beauty. You can read articles from famous personalities like Meghan Markle, Joanna Gaines, and Rupi Kaur.

Marie Claire is another great magazine for busy women. From articles about surrogate mothers in Eastern Europe to recipes, home organization, fashion, and cooking, Real Simple covers the complexities of womanhood. The magazine was founded in 1993 and features real stories about women’s lives. Real Simple also features a special section dedicated to fashion and beauty. Every issue features 18 products or trends you can try out to get a sexier life.

Gal-dem is an annual print and online magazine focusing on culture and diversity. Liv Little, a journalism student from Bristol University, started the magazine after growing frustrated with the lack of diversity on campus. Gal-dem features fashion, beauty, and music. It also hosts events, comedy nights, and film festivals. The Gentlewoman celebrates modern women of purpose and style. Its focus on personal style makes it an ideal choice for women who want to look fashionable without sacrificing their sense of style.

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