Why Do Veterinary Clinics Ask For the Pet Owner’s Birthdate?

Veterinary clinics may request the pet owners’ birthdate for a variety of reasons. Some do this out of necessity; others do it as part of a health insurance policy. Whatever the reason, veterinary clinics should make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. This article explores two possible explanations for the question:

The premise behind the question is simple: vets need four people to help them treat the animals. Forcey’s clinic has one receptionist and shares the work of two doctors. She cannot find the required support staff to help her. The vets themselves say they have four other jobs, but they are not as demanding. Veterinary clinics should also offer a free lunch or a warm meal to their customers.

One possible explanation is the rise in demand. A significant increase in pet ownership has caused an increase in demand for veterinary services. However, this increase is accompanied by a backlog of cases, which can take weeks to get to. If the animal requires emergency care, waiting for a long time can be hazardous. Veterinary clinics in Michigan have attributed the rise in demand to the COVID-19 pandemic, but others attribute the surge to an increased number of new pet owners.

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