Which Female Sport is More Popular Than the Male Opponent?

Although women’s sports are gaining in popularity, media coverage and sponsorship dollars have not followed suit. While the gender gap in sports is closing, women are still far less likely to participate in high-profile events. In 2015, the Women’s World Cup soccer final was the most-watched game in the United States. Despite this, women still receive less compensation for playing compared to their male counterparts. In contrast, the final of the Men’s World Cup garnered more viewers than the Women’s World Cup Final.

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Gender differences in participation and performance in sports are controversial. Although male athletes often dominate the top elite positions in most sports worldwide, there is a deliberate exclusion of women from these positions to prevent male dominance. Female sports, by contrast, produce female athletes with an advantage over their male counterparts. This allows women to become primary athletes, a position traditionally reserved for males. In addition to the controversial benefits, female sports provide females with a distinct advantage.

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One barrier to women’s sports participation is the lack of coverage and commercial appeal. Because women’s sports don’t receive as much media attention as men’s, sponsors are reluctant to finance them. According to the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation, female sports received only 7% of all media coverage in 2013, and only 0.2% of their total sponsorship value. Women’s sports are not necessarily less popular than their male counterparts, but the lack of exposure hinders their development.

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