What is LinkedIn App? Here’s Everything You Should Know

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What is LinkedIn App?

LinkedIn is a platform that connects professionals from thetotal different industries. They can share their ideas, thoughts, and possible opportunities to help each other grow. In other words, LinkedIn can be considered the Facebook of your career. 

Though LinkedIn is one of the most platforms for creating professional relations, many people still do not know how to use and benefit from the LinkedIn app. Here are some of the details you should know to benefit from LinkedIn.

How to Use LinkedIn App?

Whether you are working as a chief marketing executive on a reputable firm or own your small business, a first-year student, or a fresh graduate looking for job opportunities, LinkedIn is beneficial.

Technically, the LinkedIn app is for every individual looking to build a professional career who wants to explore different opportunities by connecting with other professionals. 

Generally, on LinkedIn, you can send the request to the people to ‘connect’ with you and include you in their professional social circle. It is similar to sending a friend request on Facebook. Alternatively, you can send people a message stating your qualifications and why you want to be a part of their connections.

LinkedIn App and its Main Features

Look at some of the main features to understand the LinkedIn app and how it is designed to facilitate the professionals.

  • Home Page

Once you sign in to your LinkedIn profile, the first page you see is the ‘home page’ where all the recent actions from your connections will appear. Moreover, you will also view the job opportunities posted by other companies you are following.

  • Profile

On LinkedIn, your profile works as your Resume. It contains your name, qualification, working experience, occupation, and photo. You also can customize the options and choose your job preferences. Hence, a LinkedIn profile consists of all the essential options for an effective CV.

  • Network

Under this section, you will find the list of professionals you are connected to and people related to them that can be included in your list. Furthermore, you can search for the people to add to your network by searching by name or occupation. The more your connections are, the more you will be able to get good job opportunities.

  • Jobs and Interests

Many kinds of job opportunities are posted on LinkedIn regularly. However, you can add your preferences to the current information so that LinkedIn will notify you about it. They also send emails on your registered email id to notify you about jobs. Moreover, you can add interest to your profile to let LinkedIn inform you about them.


The LinkedIn app offers individuals a great opportunity in today’s era as it helps them stay connected and look for opportunities. You can upgrade your LinkedIn profile to a premium version and add some ultimate LinkedIn automation tools. Therefore, get started on LinkedIn if you want to explore good job opportunities.

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