What are Delayed Injuries to Watch for After the Car Accident? 

Car accidents lead to detrimental effects on physical and mental health. It is optional that you may realize the injuries immediately. There are sometimes injuries that are realized after a few weeks and months. 

Adrenaline initially masks the pain and discomfort, and due to this masking, it can take days and weeks longer to realize the pain. The problem that is not visible right now does not mean it is serious. It can have the same long-term effect on physical health. If you have car accident lawsuits, you can contact an attorney with whom you can share all the insurance details to fight your case for settlement.

What are delayed injuries that occur after a car accident? 

  • Neck and Shoulder Injuries: The muscles and tendons can be stretched from the neck and shoulder. It can also get strained or torn out when you meet with an accident. Whiplash is the main problem you face in the delayed injury after the crash. You can have stiffness, neck pain, headache, blurred vision and other pain seen after some days with whiplash.
  • Herniated Disc: Herniated Disc is a jelly-like structure in the cushion between the spinal cord discs or balloons. It is caused due to pressure on the nerves, and car accidents can cause such pain. You can also feel pain, loss of feeling, limitations, and stiffness in the legs and arms. 
  • Traumatic Brain Injury: It is a jolt on the head which penetrates the skull and the brain. If there is even a minor rear-end collision, it can cause brain injury after the car accident. This injury can have some devastating effects, which include vision, mobility, concentration and mobility. 
  • Knee Injury: Knee injury can be seen immediately also, but there are some incidents when knee injury is felt after a few days. The leading cause of this injury is when the knee is slammed on the dashboard or a hard object. This injury can be excruciating and make you weak even to stand. 
  • Psychological Trauma: Car accidents are frightening experiences; you can feel this if you have been in such a situation. You can feel some anxiety, depression or other psychological conditions. This psychological injury is seen after the car accident, and this fear is detrimental to the rest of your life. These effects or pain are seen after some weeks or months of the car accident, and therefore, we should not ignore it considering a simple pain. 

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