Understanding Robotic Surgeries and Finding A Dependable Robotic Surgeon in Shenandoah

It is common to feel anxious when you hear the words operation or surgery. However, luckily, medical science has made tremendous advances, and now surgical procedures are not what they used to be a decade or two ago. For instance, consider robotic surgeries.

If you are new to robotic surgery, this guide is perfect. However, if you are looking for a robotic surgeon shenandoah, consider consulting Dr. Junuk Kim, MD, from Premier General & Colorectal Surgery. He has an amazing reputation for making thorough clinical decisions and has a low rate of surgical complications. 

What is a robotic surgery?

The term – Robotic Surgery may sound very intimidating, but it is nothing like that. Ultimately, your surgeon (a real doctor) is performing the surgery, not a machine. 

However, they are simply using a robotic system to do so. During the procedure, your doctor will control robotic arms to make extremely tiny incisions in your body and perform the surgery using miniature instruments. 

Think of it like a supercomputer that understands and translates your surgeon’s movements. Your surgeon will continuously assist the console and give directions on how to use the instruments. The doctor performing the procedure is in complete control of the system. 

Robotic surgeries are better than traditional surgeries and offer a variety of benefits in Shenandoah. After all, the precision is improved in every way because robotic arms can rotate 360 degrees and hold the instruments at any possible angle, unlike human hands.  

What to expect in a robotic surgical procedure?

While different surgeries involve different steps, the usual steps of a robotic surgery are as follows:

  • A tiny incision (1 or 2 cm long) will be made in your body. 
  • Miniature surgical instruments and a high-definition camera will be inserted into your body. 
  • The camera inserted into your body will be connected to a screen using which the surgeon can see the insides. 
  • Your surgeon will control the movements of the robotic arms and complete the surgery with extreme precision and care. 
  • Throughout the operation, the robotic system will follow the movements of your doctor and allow the doctor to perform surgery in hard-to-reach spots. 


  • Shorter hospital stays and recovery time
  • Less to no risk of infection
  • Less blood loss
  • Less pain
  • Fewer complications
  • Better range of motion for the surgeon
  • Better accessibility for the surgeon

Many surgeries can be done using a robotic system. However, it is best suited for colorectal, general, gynecologic, heart, endometriosis, head and neck (transoral), thoracic, urologic, etc. 

To conclude, robot-assisted surgeries in Shenandoah are much less complicated and successful. All you have to do is find a suitable and experienced surgeon.   

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