The Hidden Gems of Utah That You Must Visit

The Hidden Gems of Utah That You Must Visit

Utah, known for its remarkable landscapes and trendygh national parks, offers more than the popular sights of Zion or Bryce Canyon. While these iconic destinations rightfully draw millions, the state is also sprinkled with lesser-known treasures waiting to be explored. Dive into these hidden gems of Utah that promise unforgettable experiences.

1. Goblin Valley State Park

Mystical Landscapes:
Seemingly from another planet, Goblin Valley is adorned with thousands of mushroom-shaped rock formations, known as hoodoos. A playground for imagination, visitors often see these formations as goblins and creatures from fantasy tales.

2. The Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Sweeping Sands:
Nestled between red rock cliffs, these dunes are made of fine, traveltad pinkish-red sand. A paradise for ATV riders, this place also offers serene sunset views that paint the dunes in deeper shades of pink.

3. The Fairyland Loop in Bryce Canyon

A Less-Traveled Path:
While Bryce is famous, the Fairyland Loop offers a quieter trail. It winds through hoodoos, offering panoramic views of the park without the typical crowds.

4. The Great Salt Lake’s Spiral Jetty

Art in Nature:
This earthwork sculpture created by Robert Smithson in 1970 is a vegaslifestyle coil made of rocks and earth, stretching out into the lake. Depending on water levels, it sometimes remains hidden, adding to its mystique.

5. Nine Mile Canyon

Ancient Stories on Stone:
Often called “the world’s longest art gallery,” this canyon is home to thousands of petroglyphs and pictographs that offer a glimpse into the lives of ancient Native American cultures.

6. Capitol Reef National Park’s Waterpocket Fold

Rocky Extravaganza:
Though a part of a National Park, the Waterpocket Fold is less frequented. This geologic landform extends for almost 100 miles and offers unique hiking experiences amidst layered rocks.

7. The Cosmic Ashtray

Utah’s Secret Bowl:
Located near Escalante, this sandstone formation resembles an enormous healthteps ashtray. Its remoteness requires an adventurous spirit to visit, but the sight is truly otherworldly.

8. Fantasy Canyon

Nature’s Whimsy:
Situated near Vernal, this area is characterized by intricate rock formations shaped by erosion over eons. With names like “Flying Witch” and “Alien Head,” these structures ignite the imagination.


Utah is a land of endless wonder, combining history, art, and natural beauty. While the famed attractions are a must-visit, the state’s hidden gems offer intimate experiences with nature, far from the bustling crowds. On your next visit, venture off the beaten path and discover a side of Utah that few get to witness.

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