Signs that a Rockford personal injury lawyer is NOT right for you!

It often happens that people suffer the consequences of someone’s negligent action. From car accidents and product-defect-related injuries to slips & falls and medical malpractice, a wide range of cases are filed in Rockford every year. Regardless of the circumstances, you should ensure your injury claim is filed accurately. Even when you have done the initial work right, the insurance company may make it hard to recover a settlement. Therefore, it is essential to hire a Rockford personal injury lawyer. If you are working with an attorney for the first time, here are some signs that they are NOT right for you.

  1. They DON’T answer your calls or emails. Injury victims need to understand that time is everything to recovering evidence to file a personal injury claim. If you called a law firm but didn’t get the correct response, you need to look for other options. A lawyer who doesn’t take your case on priority is certainly not a great choice.
  2. They LACK compassion. An injury lawyer is expected to understand what a potential client is going through and must offer legal insights on everything. If an attorney doesn’t care about what you are going through, you should NOT hire them. While your lawyer is not your therapist, you should expect them to be compassionate.
  3. They are JUST talking about money. The good news is you don’t need a vast amount in your bank to hire an attorney for your claim. All injury lawyers in Illinois work on a contingency fee, which is only payable after recovering compensation. If you come across a lawyer just talking about money and nothing else, you know they don’t care for you.
  4. They NOT don’t wish to talk about strategy or the actual process. Just talking about big things won’t help an injury claim. A good injury lawyer is someone who will ensure that clients understand their legal options. If you have discovered that the lawyer doesn’t want to talk about their profile, top cases, or experience or how they intend to handle the case, they probably don’t have the necessary expertise.
  5. They are making TALL promises. No attorney can say what the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit would be, which is because many things are beyond their control. Don’t believe an injury lawyer who says good things that don’t necessarily ring latestforyouth true.

Look for law firms now and keep your standards high!

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