Review Procedure Of A Medical Dismissal Appeal

Severe academic misconduct often ends up in academic dismissal, where the student faces expulsion from the school. This, however, gets heavy on the pursual of one’s graduation and looking forward to a successful career in their respective field. But some educational institutions allow a dismissal appeal, leaving a chance for the student to be reinstated again. Therefore if one finds that the decision made by the authority regarding dismissal involves some gaps in the judgment, one can appeal a dismissal from medical school. This appeal is a formal request for reconsidering the decision. 

How Does The Review Process work?

The procedure entirely depends on the nature of the appeal. There can be two alternatives for reviewing an appeal: one concerns the repetition of courses or extension of a program, and the other is dismissal. Both scenarios are explained below:

Appeal Concerning Extension And Repetition Of Courses:

Filing an appeal on the part of the student needs to be done within ten working days from the day one receives the notice. This appeal should be written to the Dean of the medical institution, which will be further forwarded to the Associate Dean. 

The academic appeal committee of the concerned institution will then speculate and evaluate the appeal, and the student will be notified about the findings within the stipulated time. To reconsider a decision made by the progress board, a majority vote is required from the academic appeal committee. The final procedure involves the decision of the Dean on the remediation of the appeal, and the student will be notified about the proceedings.

Appeal Concerning Dismissal:

In filing a dismissal appeal, the student must follow the same period for submitting the appeal, that is, within ten working days from the date one received the notification. The appeal will be reviewed by the Dean of the medical institution, who, after going through it, can make the following decisions:

Reject The Appeal: If the written appeal lacks strength or merit, the Dean can reject it immediately.

Accept The Appeal: If it is found that the decision carries a procedural error, the Dean will accept the appeal and initiate a correction procedure. 

Inaugurate An Appeal Committee: If there is no procedural error, the Dean might also initiate an academic appeal committee for review and allow the student to be assisted by an advocate in an in-person hearing.

Final Thoughts:

It is recommended that one contact an education lawyer before engaging in the appeal procedure, who will provide valuable legal advice on all the rights one deserves and offer proper guidance on how one can ensure a positive outcome. 

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