Is an Air Track Better Than a Mat?

When choosing a tumbling mat, it’s important to choose a durable and safe surface. The dimensions of an Air Track should be considered so that you can safely perform exercises on it. When placing the Air Track, ensure the space is free from any objects, like carpeting or other flooring. The best ground to place the Air Track on is a padded surface, such as grass or carpet.

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Air Track training mat

An Air Track training ‘mat’ is an inflatable, thick, rectangular placemat. It is made of PVC drop-stitch materials and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and sizes. It can be inflated or deflated and is ideal for all levels of exercisers, from beginners to professional gymnasts. Its unique design also allows for varying degrees of adjustment, making it a great option for all types of fitness activities.

Air Track tumbling mats are available in several different lengths. Kids will find a 10 cm length perfect for practicing their momentum and putting together a few tumbles. Adults can benefit from a longer air track mat. A 15 cm Air track tumbling mat has the ability to accommodate more tumbles and provide greater power and speed.  The length of the air track tumbling mat can be anywhere from three to eight meters.

The Air Track training kit is an innovative combination of a trampoline, bouncy castle, footrest, landing mat, and workout equipment. It can be used to perform different levels of exercise, including cheerleading and tricks. The training mat is breathable and made of soft PVC material. As a result, it is easier to clean and will last a long time. In addition, an Air Track training mat is safer than a traditional foam mat, because it doesn’t trap heat or moisture.

Air Track tumbling mat

When deciding whether an Air Track tumbling mat is better for your gymnastics training, it’s important to consider the following considerations. A thicker mat provides better absorption and therefore, is better suited for those doing repetitive exercises. Another thing to consider is accessories. Most of the better air track tumbling mats include an electric or hand pump for easy inflation. This can make tumbling a lot easier.

Inflated air tracks allow more flexibility and customization in rebound. This means that they mimic the responsiveness of competition floors. Air tracks are much lighter than traditional mats, padded tumble tracks, and travel mats. Therefore, an Air Track is a better choice for gymnastics training. It’s also less expensive. Air tracks are best for gymnastics training and competitions, but can be used at home as well. So, make your online shopping experience a pleasant one by becoming a member of Kameymall today.

An Air Track tumbling mat is not as portable as a traditional gym floor. Because air tracks are filled with air, they simulate spring tracks used during competition. The bounce of the air-filled track is far less harsh on an athlete’s body than a regular mat. This makes learning new skills much easier. The Air Track also allows more turns and tumbling passes. This allows for more creativity and flexibility in the gymnastics practice room.

While a traditional tumbling mat can be used for gymnastics training, Air Track tumbling products are better in every way except one: they are inflatable. The inflated design of these tumbling mats provides a weightless bounce which allows for better stunts and less fatigue during practice. The downside of traditional tumbling mats is that they absorb most of the force from your body movements, which can lead to uncomfortable practice sessions.

Air Tracks are more realistic

There are many benefits to using Air Tracks for tumbling. They’re bouncy and functional, unlike a mat. A regular mat can cause injury due to its instability. Air Tracks are much more stable and have many more features. This fact is enough to make many people switch to using Air Tracks for tumbling. But what makes Air Tracks better than a mat?


When compared to competition floors, an Air Track is significantly safer and more comfortable for athletes. This type of tumbling mat resembles the spring-loaded floors of competition gymnastics. These mats are also more resilient and have more bounce than other tumbling mats, making them ideal for many types of physical activities. And because they are inflatable, you can adjust the pressure of your Air Track to suit your needs and improve your performance.

Air Track tumbling mats come in a variety of lengths and widths. A 3m x 10cm air track is ideal for new gymnasts, while a 5’x20” Air Track Pro provides ample space for skilled gymnasts to perform all of the skills they need to master. You can choose a 3m x 10cm Air Track tumbling mat, or a five-foot by eight-foot Air Track Pro.

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