Gennady Yagupov: How to choose a flashlight for a hike

A lantern is a necessary attribute of travel, with any difficulty and duration of the hike. This article discusses the types of hiking lanterns used by hikers.


The industry offers a variety of models for hiking with backpacks and domestic applications. The price varies within a wide range. Such electric devices are grouped into three groups:

  • Overhead
  • Manual
  • Camping

Technology and characteristics

The revolution came to the tourism industry in the early 2000s, along with the emergence of cost-effective and bright LED technology. The English version is LED technology, light-emitting diode. What are the parameters guiding the choice of tourist flashlight?

The power of the flux of light created by the device, or brightness, is measured in lumens. The higher the power, the brighter the beam the flashlight can produce.

The length of the light beam, a characteristic measured in meters. Indicates the distance at which the device will provide the minimum acceptable illumination.

Weight, measured in grams. High-powered flashlights weigh more than low-powered ones.

Operating time on a single charge, measured in hours. Bright devices discharge the batteries or rechargeable batteries faster. This parameter is determined by the number and quality of LEDs used and the circuit of the electric power supply, the type and capacity of the batteries themselves. Read my website 


Solves a complex of problems. In everyday camping, when you work in the conditions of the camp – assembling, setting up and lighting the tent, cooking – it is absolutely not necessary to have a powerful long-range model. A flashlight giving soft and diffused light with beam length up to 20-30 m will suffice. Such a device will not blind the eyes of the user and others, allowing a good view of the area in front of them. An additional advantage is that the model will weigh less, cost less and will last longer compared to its powerful counterparts. A useful feature of devices used for tent lighting is the presence of red LED, which will not glare at night, and will allow you to feel comfortable in the dark.

When the headlamp is used when driving at night on the trail – you will need more power and a directional light beam, illuminating the space at a distance of 50-70 m and above. Such a flashlight equips the leader of the group, who is responsible for selecting the trail.

The headlamp housing is made dust- and waterproof, a useful option – shockproof version

Flashlights work using both batteries and rechargeable batteries. Battery models are more economical and can be recharged during a hike using a solar charger businesstodaysnews. Battery-powered versions tend to gain weight. It is advisable to replace conventional batteries with lithium ones, thereby increasing the operating time by up to 30%.

Recall the well-known innovative technology company Petzl, which produces equipment for mountain climbing, rock climbing and caving. Petzl pays great attention to the development and production of high-tech headlamps. Company founder Fernand Petzl first implemented a compact device in which the battery compartment is removed from the belt to the back of the user, and is placed on an elastic band along with the flashlight.

Hand-held lanterns

Used by hikers or in camping situations where the weight of the gear is not as decisive as with “easy hikers”. Manufacturers of handheld flashlights do not strive to create models in ultra-compact housings. This makes handhelds brighter and more economical than headlamps. A powerful handheld flashlight acts as a mandatory attribute of group gear, as a backup light source.

The choice of handheld flashlight is determined by the purpose of the device. As part of the group will be useful long-range means of high power, which is indispensable in the case of the search for “lost” or for the organization of rescue work. The characteristics of such a device – a robust, preferably sealed housing, brightness of at least 200 lumens and a light beam length of at least 100 m. Such equipment is power-consuming, it is necessary to provide a set of backup power sources.

Compact hand-held models of small power will serve as back-up lighting devices both in camping and at home.

Camping Lights

A headlamp hanging from the ceiling or placed on a shelf is also good for lighting small tents. It is not possible to illuminate the space of the tent evenly with a directed beam. To increase the effect, a light diffuser is purchased or made to provide a soft light.

The best result is achieved famousmagazinenow with the use of camping lanterns, which will illuminate even a large tent or marquee. Industry produces a variety of models, among them as compact with brightness of 100-150 lumens – to light a small tent or table, and powerful with a brightness of 200-300 lumens – for large tents and multi-person tents.

The design allows to hang camping devices under the ceiling or put them on a flat surface. Taking into account the power of LEDs used in lanterns, high-capacity batteries are usually built into the bodies. Some models are used as a portable battery, with the function of recharging used in a hike gadgets. These flashlights will be very useful for not very difficult self-contained hikes.

Gasoline and gas camping lamps

In addition to electric devices, gasoline and gas camping lamps are also used to light campgrounds. In addition to bright light, these lamps serve as a source of heat, and can illuminate and heat large tents.

Modern gas lamps are compact and practical, although they knowcarupdate lose out in brightness to LED lanterns. The most convenient models are those with a frosted diffuser bulb, which provides soft and even light.

With the lighting of a large area will do well gasoline lamp. Unlike most gas lamps, the gasoline lamp gives a warm yellow light.

The bulbs and reticles of both gas and gasoline lamps are very fragile pieces of equipment. It is useful to have a sturdy hard case for transportation of lamps.

New hikes, vivid emotions, comfortable and functional equipment, friends!

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